Our story

Welcome to Holistic Hamster! 

Holistic Hamster is a small business in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, established by Jenni (pronounced "Yen-nie") in June 2022.  She has a fondness for all animals, especially hamsters, guinea pigs, birds & farm animals.

With the majority of South African pet shops providing unsafe & outdated hamster & guinea pig products/information to customers, Jenni saw a need to establish her business.

The vision for Holistic Hamster is to provide:

*Safe products for our community's hamster & guinea pig children

*Good quality, cost effective & natural products

*Donations to exotic animal rescues

*Further expand product catalogue

Should you have any hamster related questions or want to learn more about proper hamster care, you can join Facebook group called "Hamster South Africa". 

In addition, you can also visit https://www.hamsterssouthafrica.com

Meet my hamsters




To the beautiful souls that I've lost, Rest in Peace. 


22 April 2022 - 12 June 2023

Buttercup is the main reason that Holistic Hamster was found.  He was my first hamster that got me into proper hamster.  Thank you, Buttercup, I miss you!

Speckles (2022)

7 September 2022 - 7 November 2022

Speckles inspired me more to advocate for proper hamster care & grow Holistic Hamster.  He had a severe condition of arch back due to a small running wheel.  I had a few months with him & he lived out his last days in the correct habitat setup he deserved.  


September 2022- September 2023


September 2022- October 2023