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Holistic Hamster

Watermelon Paper Bedding

Watermelon Paper Bedding

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In nature, hamsters will spend majority of their time underground.  While dwelling underground, a hamster creates tunnels & rooms for different functions. Rooms include a kitchen(food storage), bedrooms (sleeping /nesting) ,and even a toilet.  

For pet (domestic) hamsters to exhibit natural burrowing behaviours, it is crucial to have the correct habitat and bedding.  It is recommended to fill a 1/3 to half of a standard 5000cm2 habitat with bedding.  A desirable bedding height is 30 cm or more!  

Holistic Hamster’s soft, absorbent paper bedding is great burrow material. In other words, it is able to hold tunnel walls in place.  Our 99% dust free bedding is handmade with love for hamster children.  Our beautiful blend of watermelon colours are dark pink and red.  Bedding is also safe for rats, mice, & gerbils.  


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